oh! ber jean

Today I made eggplant parmesan for the first time. I’m still collecting family recipes and trying new things out in the kitchen. This collection of photos are inspired by my favorite color, and new favorite dinner. :) They leave me with the same happy feeling of pasta, merlot… and Ryan doing the dishes. 


dark retail space



grey and plum



Melon and Plum



Purple and Avacado



plum and white with wood



Rasberry Dining



i’m alive.

I guess I’ve taken an unofficial hiatus from writing. I find myself to be very lucky that I have a passion for design and a love for what I do… but sometimes I’d rather just stay in sweats all day so I don’t have to think about fabrics or colors. With my fifty-sixty hour work weeks designing interiors, piles of shelter magazines to read, facebook, twitter, and hours of emails to read, I found myself getting overwhelmed. sigh. Last night I even had a dream that I was living inside of a desktop computer in a room from an inspiration image I have. When life gets too serious, get silly. Happy Friday!


penny rounds blog

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chain linked love.

Imagine seeing unexpected beauty?! LOVE!

lacey-fence1[the curated object]

metro chic.

Ever since I bought this nail polish, I think my nails have constantly been painted this color.  I’m in love with the color, which is unintentionally similar to my wall paint color… and even a little similar to my cat, Smoodge.   :) 





spring cleaning.

I got ShamWow for Christmas and have yet to actually use it. I tried to get some spring cleaning done today (…about as much as you can do after a beautiful night of drinking sangria…) and realized a new use with my Swiffer Wet Jet! Lately it seems that everyone is talking about small ways to save money, and this is a great way to save while being a little ‘green’ at the same time. 


 Cut your ShamWow (that word is just fun to say) to fit the size of your Wet Jet (about 11″ x 5″) and just stick on the velcro bottom! Voila!

the color of spring.

I’m sitting with the windows wide open… as open as they can possibly be. I love the smell of spring, especially now because it’s mixed with the smell of our neighbor doing laundry. (yum!) It seems like overnight everything is blooming here in the NY area, so this post is inspired by the amazingly exciting color of forsythia’s. 



Growing up, the gigantic forsythia bush on my quiet suburban street was always my manhunt hiding spot of choice. This polaroid warms my heart. 




[unknown source]





There are few images that actually give me butterflies. This one somehow does it… the stripes and modern crib mixed with the vintage dresser are so chic! 




[brooklyn modern]

Probably not an interior I’d have in my own house, but I love the industrial look of the cinder blocks with the old school velvet chair. 




[unknown source]